eWorld Community is an international organization of ICT specialists developing software solutions and their support, with a proven capability in non-commercial, educational and private sector over the past 3 years.

The inception of eWorld Community was a pioneering solution for the global services delivered by a unique group of software developers, which has grown organically to more than 100 members since 2012, all renowned specialists in their own areas.

Acting as a non-profit organization in the ICT sector and being a first of its kind in Macedonia and in the region, eWorld Community would like to raise the awareness of the local and regional institutions that not everything has to be made for a financial contribution, especially products of public interest. Our organization consists and encourages joining every youngster who is pre-graduated, graduated or simply ICT enthusiast willing to learn and combine the mutual interest with our experienced staff to help each other to gain knowledge that will be used later in their professional engagement. Furthermore eWorld Community is accredited EVS organization, with accreditation number 2014-1-MK01-KA110-000667.


eWorld Community is dedicated with all of its resources and capacity to help and improve the implementation of the latest ICT technologies in society as part of the program. This includes organizing an educational tribune where citizens will be informed of the latest trends in the ICT field. Moreover, by participate in various seminars and generating knowledge how these trends will affect societies, the Community will empower younger citizens to get involved in developing software solutions that can help their community to contribute in social progress. eWorld Community will also raise Initiation of incentives for the adoption of normative acts that will obligate all institutions to upgrade their current software, which will result in providing better service for the citizens.


The vision of eWorld Community for creating a better ICT society combines determination, innovation, education and implementation of the knowledge gained through the years of experience in the ICT field. We have arisen from a hand-full of enthusiasts to more than 50 members in no time. Most of our delivered projects to date, have worked around mobile platforms, web services and Cloud / Server solutions. In developing these projects has allowed us to achieve global distribution without geographic boundaries, offering outstanding project solutions to our partners, with international project management, monitoring system and application implementation all offered.

European Voluntary Service

During the many years of diverse work in many different areas, our team has gathered extensive knowledge and experience working in the ICT and social sector. The eWorld Community team has proven in its experience to work on EVS projects with EVS volunteers. Youth workers from our organization have participated as assistants or trainers on different trainings. Also our members have experience as group leaders in numerous youth exchanges on different topics. They can take care for the whole group and create safe-environment for EVS participants. Also the team is well trained for risk assessments. As inevitable part of the team broad international experience and pleasure working in multicultural environment, and the spirit that the team is possessing is inspiration to everyone in his surroundings.

Private sector

Having a company that will completely dedicate its resources for research and development of new software solutions for implementing the newest ICT in order to help other companies being more competitive as well as whole societies being more developed is indeed something that goes in favor of all mankind. Challenged by the never ending development of these new technologies, private sector companies are confronted with finding solutions that will meet the highest requirements of use of the new technology and lowest possible cost of possessing it. eWorld Community is working on developing software solutions that will meet all of the requirements of today’s world.
As inevitable part of the process in creation of a quality and outstanding software solutions, our Organization is providing a global project monitoring system via the methodology of Red MineTM. This system has proven to be the most effective one when it comes to projects on this scale. Our partners are being informed of the progress made every step of the way and assured that their vision is being delivered. They have all benefited from our one on one personal service allowing them direct access in the project as it is being developed.