Program Introduction

The fundamental technological changes that have massively revolutionized the communication landscape during the past decade are taking a full swing nowadays. The ICT have massively improved resource utilization and increased the bandwidth capacity in the communication networks. Furthermore, these technologies have enabled possibilities for creation of new services and created conditions for gaining synergy in the technological development. . In the economy, the development of the ICT industry has become increasingly important and now accounts for a significant share of value- added and employment. Therefore the further development and use of the ICT is inevitable. Competing on the global market in an era when the communication is crucial for success is a great challenge for both the companies and the customers as well. In need to provide the best service available to their customers, companies are leaning towards the use of the latest ICT available. But the tremendous development of these new technologies is hard to follow even for the most successful ones, much harder for the public or private sector in low income countries. The main challenges include the relatively slow uptake of ICT innovations in the public sector and the high fragmentation of relevant markets due notably to a lack of interoperability between ICT solutions deployed across the Member States and Associated Countries in EU. The lack of funds available to them for upgrading the existing technologies necessary to keep in touch with the continuously growing market is another challenge that they are faced with, along with the incapability of providing proper education and training for using these technologies. No wonder why these countries are showing slower growth than the Member States, along with the companies that are unable to follow the rapidly evolving competition, threatened to be excluded from the global market. ICT has changed the world dramatically and it is bound to continue to do so in the future.

Possible Solution

ICT is transforming the economy and society. ICT interacts closely with many other sectors, thus enabling innovations to accrue and affecting the overall productivity of a country. Moreover, the impacts of ICT are also evident in the development of new skills that are important in knowledge-based, information-rich societies and that are crucial for employment. In society, ICT empowers citizens to participate more actively and steadily in social and political debates, and to obtain better and faster services. In order to meet the expectations and the needs of the citizens as a crucial element for society development and to improve their impact on the economy, companies need to constantly develop new software solutions for the latest ICT`s worldwide. Having a company that will completely dedicate its resources for research and development of new software solutions for implementing the newest ICT in order to help other companies being more competitive as well as whole societies being more developed is indeed something that goes in favor of all mankind. Challenged by the never ending development of these new technologies, private sector companies are confronted with finding solutions that will meet the highest requirements of use of the new technology and lowest possible cost of possessing it. Working on developing these software solutions that will meet both requirements nowadays is even more challenging because of the fact that this new platform needs to be acceptable for all users. Considering the fact that the users of these solutions are generally divided in two age groups: Generation Y (age 20`s) and Generation X (ages 35-50), developers must adjust the user interface to be attractive enough for the Generation Y and easy and acceptable to use for the Generation X. At the same time the company needs to work on improving the software solution for better understanding and implementing the new technology. This goal can be achieved by developing software that will improve the user experience and at the same time fulfill the user`s needs. A company truly dedicated to hard work, innovative, driven by success and enthusiasm can achieve this in no time.

The Program

The inception of eWorld Community was a pioneering solution for the global services delivered by a unique group of software developers, which has grown organically to more than 150 members since 2012, all based in our central offices and renowned specialists in their own areas. Since the founding of the Organization, we have had a vision for creating the best possible ICT solutions for the lowest cost of possessing it. The fact that we are based in Macedonia, a candidate state in the EU and listed as an emerging country, we are very well aware of the slow uptake and implementation of the ICT in these countries. The main purpose of the founding eWorld Community was exactly fixing this problem by participating in many international and EU funding projects, developing and creating user friendly solutions that will improve the life of entire society in need.
eWorld Community consists of highly motivated and well educated experts in many areas of the ICT, all of them are dedicated to help everyone in need. The fundamental idea of contributing to our society was creating an incubator for developers (experienced and inexperienced), where they can gain knowledge, expertise and right experience by working on various projects for client all over the world. We encourage young and ambitious members from our society to join our team and share their vision for a better tomorrow with our Organization. All of our members are thrilled to share their knowledge in their expertise field with future generation developers seeking success and ambition to change the world. The members of eWorld Community are proven with high skilled developers that who have worked on many international projects and have delivered high quality products and implementation solutions.
The project we`ve developed in the form of incubator for developers has given positive results so far, as numerous young members have joined eWorld Community and already became significant part in the achievement of our vision and goals as Organization dedicated to help and improve the implementation of the latest ICT available in the emerging countries and hopefully will continue to do so in the future.
Participating at seminars and gathering valuable information and knowledge is part of our program as international organization. Sharing this knowledge with the Community and society members is part of our strategy for contributing to the society as our obligation.